I like without sofiti

A brand new wine: ethical, vegan, and honestly good

Created to satisfy today’s discerning customers, attentive about their health, and well aware that a sustainable lifestyle is the key to ensuring our children’s future because we care for those who care.


A sulfite-free wine, and much more. A comprehensively sustainable project, where each detail is designed to reduce environmental impact.

Certified Vegan

Verified, approved and authorized by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forest Policies

Secondary Packaging

Premium quality Vinolok glass corks and screw caps make our bottles reusable

Fully Sustainable Production Chain

Paint-free glass powder screen printed labels. Packaging made with 100% natural and recycled materials

Honestly Good

Not exactly a technical term, right? But that’s what people say when they taste it. Our red and rosé sulfite-free wines have a fresher, more ample flavor than other wines. No added substances, 100% natural and healthy!


Hand-harvested grapes from sun-kissed Tuscany

Our red wine is made with the juicy grapes from our Maremma vineyards, where the Mediterranean climate makes for a round, full-bodied blend. For our Rosé we use the fruit from our northern Chianti estates: the cooler climate, and brisk daily temperature swings, yield elegant aromas and a pleasant acidity.

100% natural

No Added Sulfites

Carefully chosen raw materials, leading-edge technology and painstaking handling. That’s how we ensure our wines are naturally protected from oxidation, sulfite-free and… headache and "hangover-free"!


Law allows wine producers to use “clarifiers” made with animal products to enhance clarity and remove impurities. We’re different.

Certified Vegan

We don’t mess with wine, we don’t alter its plant-based soul!

100% free from animal ingredients "Mi Piace senza solfiti" is a vegan-friendly. We use plant-based gelatins and bentonite, a clay formed from volcanic sedimentary rocks to clarify and stabilize: choice high quality products carefully selected to attend to the needs of those who suffer from allergies.


Bottles made to last forever

Sleek, elegant, lightweight and topped with premium glass corks for vegan red wine, with screw caps for vegan rosè wine.  Our bottles are perfect for a variety of household uses!

We designed them to last forever…how will you reuse yours?

Our enologists

Alertness, conscientiousness, painstaking care in each single production phase. Dedicated commitment to customers’ satisfaction. No added sulfites.


Crazy about Sangiovese, she just had to come to Tuscany!

Born in a tiny village in the Spanish countryside, Rocio majored in Biology at the University of Salamanca, and then moved to Florence where she earned her degree in Enology. She worked in Bolgheri, Montalcino, and Montecucco before coming to Chianti. Today she is one of our cellar’s main assets.


Loves to Getting her hands dirty or trying out a new technique.

So passionate for grape harvesting, she traveled to Azerbaigian when she was still in school! After majoring in Enology at the University of Florence, Alessia perfected her skills working in New Zealand, Tuscany, and Sardinia. If you’re looking for her, you’ll find her in the cellar.


Vegan Red

Substantial ruby red with notes of violet. Intense red fruit and spice aromas with hints of black pepper and vanilla. Lively on the palate, medium-bodied with well-integrated tannins and balanced acidity which calls for another sip.


All nuts, mushroom risotto, oven-roasted potatoes and lentils. Enjoy it with cured meats, medium-aged cheese, poultry (roasted or grilled). Be sure to try it with pizza and use it to mix up fabulous cocktails!



Vegan Rosè

Quartz pink in color. Rose blossom, cherry, and citrus with hints of black tea and spices. Offering a soft, balanced, round first mouthful, which leads on to a pleasant freshness and minerality with a slightly off-dry somewhat sweet finale.


Perfect served as an aperitif it is delicious with vegetable crudités, vegetable cream soups, chickpeas and white beans. Enjoy it with pasta in salmon sauce, shellfish, seafood and fresh or mild cheeses.